Preparing for Watt's atelier illustration bootcmp

Watt's Atelier is starting up their illustration bootcamp hosted by Erik Gist, Lucas Graciano and Michael Hayes !! I cant wait to be surrounded by these incredible artists for six days of intense learning.

We had a choice between three different assignments. As usual i picked the one that seems the furthest from my capability. Now I am struggling.  

Option 1:  "To The Rescue!"
                  Standard book cover dimensions you can work any size that you feel comfortable as long as it is roughly a 0.75:1 vertical (approx. 18 x 24 portrait) format
                  Illustrate a traditional medieval fantasy scene, where we show a warrior rescuing a damsel (or dude-sel), being sacrificed to a dragon.  Pick a point in the scene which to tell your story, right before the action, in the middle of the action, or maybe even the warrior escaping with the rescued character.  Pick a culture that dominates the design aesthetic of your characters' clothing/ armor.  See if you can even design a dragon that reflects that culture's aesthetic. For example: if the scene takes place in an Asian themed setting, design a dragon that the audience can recognize as Asian influenced.

Having more than one character i a scene already seemed difficult. I'm having trouble fitting the warrior rescuer in all of these. I want to go for a  Scandinavian viking theme (big surprise). Giant serpents fit really well, but I'm trying different approaches. 

Any feedback is more than welcome. Thanks

1.  and 4. Warrior is approaching the sacrificed who is tied down to a tree in a dark forest. I like the idea of the bøyg, a serpent from Scandinavian folklore who could make itself invisible and try to stop travelers. This isn't a medieval theme, but I can make it into anything I want. 

2. The sacrificed person is left hanging off a cliff with multiple dragons emerging from the fog below. The top of the cliff has been set on fire to attract the dragons's attention. I want this to have the same feeling the human sacrifice scene in the latest King Kong movie had. 

Movie still from King Kong 2005
I don't even know how I'd fit a warrior in this scenario. I explored that further in 6, 10 and 3. The only problem with 6 and 10 is that I cant tell that its at the top of a drop. 

9. The warrior/rescuer is climbing on the ceiling of a cave holding a light, trying to get to the sacrificed person tied up in the dark below. This is moments before the dragon wakes up and reacts. 

5. The pathetic sacrificed damsel/ dudesel is hanging from a rope being lowered down into a dark cave. The warrior is climbing down on the side getting ready to rescue him/her. The dragon's tale is showing, the rest of it is hidden in the dark. I want to show a sense of scale here, the dragon is huge. 

7.  This is very similar to 5, only I thought of maybe an ice cave going down to the ocean where sea serpents reside. I still need to fit the warrior in someplace.  Jormungand was a huge sea serpent in midgard. I have a couple more thumbnails with viking boats and sea serpents. I'm still working on those. Also, painting water and translucent ice is going to be painful... 

8. Female warrior about to kick scaly ass. 

10, 11 and 12, Confrontation.  Someone probably dies.