Edit: added various human elements to the environment to tell the story better, per Lucas's suggestion

I'm figuring out how to use this for my tonal sketch. I took some photos based off the thumbnail that Erik reworked. I've also collected loads of reference off the internet for this scene, including the ice glacier I threw in there. It all still needs a lot of work.

My best bud Aurora is always willing to help me out. I like the pose above how she is pulling her sword out from the sheath on her back. I wish the rest of the pose was more a bit more dynamic like the ones below.


I'm also not sure about the lighting on these. When setting it up I thought of light reflecting from the water onto the warrior or perhaps a small light on the boat. Something that will also cast a different light onto the serpent.

I'm really happy how the photos for the damsel came out. I like the lighting on the second one here where she is front facing.